15th February 2020

“New ICF Core Competencies" with Rajat Garg, MCC.

21st December 2019

Psychometric Instruments in Coaching" with Dr Kaindi Bhat, Mr Hemant Deshpande and Mr Mangesh Kirtane

16th November 2019

“Coaching Works" with Guru Majgaonkar, a Business Leader, Anand Khot, an HR leader and Prasad Deshpande, a Coach!

19th October 2019

“Peer Coaching - Powerful Questioning" with Mahesh Deshmukh, MCC.

21st September 2019

“Mentoring Entrepreneurs, Nurturing Start-ups" by Mr. Kiran Deshpande, President, TIE Pune

17th August 2019

“My Story" with Hemanth Deshpande, Jenny Hyatt, Anil Kulkarni and Anu Wakhlu

20th July 2019

Peer Coaching Sessions

20th April 2019

“Being, Seeing, Freeing - An Approach To Coaching"

09th March 2019

“Annual General Meeting & One Year Celebrations”

09th February 2019

“Group Coaching”

12th January 2019

“The Business of Coaching”

08th December 2018

“Coaching Presence”

17th November 2018

“Peer Coaching”

13th October 2018

“Experiences & Insights - External Coach Engagement”.

25th September 2018

ICF Pune Symposium - with Ms Fiona Toy and Dr Ashok Korwar ICF Pune Website launch

08th September 2018

"Shifting Gears to build a successful Coaching Business"

11th August 2018

"Masterclass with the MCCs"

14th July 2018

"Coaching Perspectives from the other world"

09th June 2018

"Coaching Triads"

12th May 2018

"Perfecting Competencies 1 & 2 for Effective Coaching Foundations"

14th April 2018

"Power Up Your Coaching with NLP"