Global Peer Coaching

After the resounding success of the first-ever peer coaching cohort between Pune and Melbourne in 2020, ICF Pune chapter is excited to offer global peer coaching cohorts exclusively for ICF members year after year. Each cohort is spread over two months and each participant will be paired with a new peer coach and coaches earn around 8 coaching hours.

What you will get

What you will bring

In March 2020, ICF Pune Charter Chapter started Global Peer Coaching Program (GPC) with an objective to facilitate and enable the aspiring ICF Members drive their ICF credential journey, and also build/sharpen Coaching Mastery. In the initial stage, ICF Pune Chapter Members were included along with the participants outside India.

In the 1st year itself, the GPC gained tremendous success by administering 4 cohorts during Mar to Dec 2020, which concluded with the masterclasses by experienced Masterful Coaches. Participants got benefitted not only by adding paid coaching hours for their ICF credential process but also an opportunity to sharpen their coaching skills by working with coaches from diverse cultures and professional backgrounds.

Over time, GPC became increasingly popular, and participants eagerly anticipate the next cohort to establish connections and accrue coaching hours. Prospective participants reach out to us regularly, tracking the commencement date of each upcoming batch. This high level of proactive engagement enables us to sustain the program also provide us with a valuable channel for collecting feedback from participants, thereby enabling us to continuously refine and improve the program’s content.

A Story of Growth

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Salient Features of the GPC

Glimpses: 2021 Participant Introductory Meet

Glimpses : 2020 Masterclasses Certificate

If you are interested in participating for our next Global Peer Coaching Program – Season 4 which will be up and running 2024, please write to us and we will make it point to reach out to you when we begin registrations.