Intl Coaching Week

Launched in 1999, International Coaching Week (ICW) is a weeklong global celebration that educates the public about the value of working with a professional coach and acknowledges the results and progress made through the coaching process.

During ICW, ICF encourages individuals and organisations all over the world to understand, explore, test and discover the possibilities coaching provides through a variety of events, such as webinars, conferences, educational workshops, panel discussions, public coaching demonstrations and pro-bono coaching sessions.

During this week, thousands of professional coaches and their clients join in celebrating the difference coaching can make in the world. In the last years, ICF has celebrated a week of events, online and around the world’s time- zones, to recognise and promote the power and impact of coaching. For More Information click here.

ICF Pune Charter Chapter has celebrated ICW event every year since its inception.


As a part of ICF’s global celebration of the power and impact of professional coaching, ICF Pune Charter Chapter celebrated International Coaching Week (#ICW2023) with the theme “Explore your Potential” by bringing awareness about Coaching in the social sector and corporate sector.

ICF Pune Charter Chapter and MAHA NGO Federation had collaborated for arranging an event “Empowering the Founders and Leaders of NGOs through Coaching” for MAHA NGO Federation members on Sunday May 21, 2023.

Mahesh Deshmukh, PhD. MCC (ICF MCC, CEO – Maruma Consulting, President ICF Pune Charter Chapter) in his presentation enlightened the audience about “What is Coaching?” and ‘ how the process of coaching unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership’ enabling them maximize the social impact.

Jayshree Kirtane (ICF MCC, Executive Director – Alchemy Management Consultancy, Past-President ICF Pune Charter Chapter) demonstrated a Coaching conversation & offered a few tools for self-coaching to them.

Shekhar Mundada (Chairman, MahaNGO Federation) and Akshay Maharaj Bhosale (Executive Director, Maha NGO Federation) emphasized the need of Coaching for the founders and people managers in the NGOs

In another event for International Coaching week, ICF Pune Charter Chapter and Pune based Global Technology Centre came together for an event on Monday May 15, 2023 for their mid & senior management professionals.

Jayshree Kirtane (ICF MCC, Executive Director – Alchemy Management Consultancy, Past-President ICF Pune Charter Chapter) spoke on “Demystifying Coaching”.

Mahesh Deshmukh, PhD. MCC (ICF MCC, CEO – Maruma Consulting, President ICF Pune Charter Chapter) conducted a 3 coaching demonstrations followed by a brief coaching experiencing by all the participants.


This year the ICF celebrated International Coaching Week (ICW) during May 17-23, 2021. The theme for ICW2021 was ‘Defying Challenging Times,’ – something that every individual needed at the moment. ICF professional coaches are skilled at assisting individuals, teams, organisations and communities to look to the future in a positive way.

Like ICW2020, this year also the event was conducted virtually (due to the challenging times caused by Covid-19 pandemic), yet the participation from different parts of the world was easy, convenient, and with digital platform making coaching more accessible for everyone. In all, ICF Pune had arranged three sessions on Friday, May 21, 2021.

Two sessions on the theme ‘Democratizing Coaching for a Thriving Society’ catered to the participants from different geographies in multiple time zones.

In the morning session – primarily for the audience in India & APAC region, Yogesh Patgaonkar (MCC, Harmony Consultants), Jeanine Bailey (ICF MCC Executive Coach, Director and Co-Founder Empower-World) and Jedidiah(‘Jedi’) Alex Koh (MCC, Coaching Changes Lives, Founder, Next Gen Executive and Leadership Coach, Master Certified Coach (MCC), Director of Training) unfolded their stories about democratizing coaching and shared their experiences ‘how they are living the mission to make coaching accessible to diverse sections of the society’.

The evening session on the same theme aiming at the participants from India, EMEA and America regions was graced by Dr. Mahesh Deshmukh (PhD, MCC, CEO Maruma Consulting), Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy (EdD, ICF MCC, EMCC MP and ESIA, Beckett-McInroy Consultancy) and Dr. Damian Goldvarg (Ph.D., MCC, CSP, ESIA, Principal The Goldvarg Consulting Group). The trio thought leaders divulged their thoughts and practices on ‘how can Coaching be made more accessible so that we can meaningfully contribute to a thriving society’.

In the evening session ‘Building Tomorrow in Conversations of Today’, two industry stalwarts shared their views on ‘Coaching Mindset – how do they use it in organisational building, community service and personal interactions’. Dr. Anand Deshpande (Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Persistent Systems) and Sudhir Mutalik (Founder & Managing Director Positive Metering Pumps, India & Chairman, CII Maharashtra revealed to the audience ‘how they have built their organisation that inculcates a culture where people development and growth through coaching & mentoring is the leadership agenda’. Jayshree Kirtane (Executive Director Alchemy Management Consultancy, President ICF Pune Chapter) moderated this session.


5 ICF India Chapters decided to celebrate the ICW2020 event together by conducting sessions specific to a theme for each day. Pune being one of largest and rapidly growing IT, Manufacturing/Engg. and IT Enabled Services (ITES) hubs in India and a home for top technology global giants, ICF Pune decided to focus on the theme relevant to these sectors.

On Thursday, May 07, 2020 a distinguished panel embodying IT, ITES and Manufacturing sectors based out of Pune congregated to speak on “how coaching has touched them as leaders & as people” and “how coaching has helped their teams & organizations”.

Jayshree Kirtane (Executive Director Alchemy Management Consultancy, President ICF Pune Chapter) was the Session Moderator. The panelists were Monish Darda (Co-founder and CTO Icertis), Krishna Priya Nambudiri (Head, Human Resources, Sungard Availability Services, India and Parag Satpute (MD, Bridgestone India).

We also had 2 more sessions to foster awareness about Professional Coaching within different sections of the community. They got an opportunity to understand ‘what coaching is’, ‘how it is beneficial to an individual in both professional and personal life’. Both these sessions were exceptionally interactive & engaging, that explained and demonstrated coaching.

Participants experienced masterful live coaching demos unraveling the magic of coaching, and witnessed the value the Coaching delivers. 1st such session on Thursday, May 07, 2020 was delivered by Rajat Garg (CoFounder, Coach-To-Transformation, CXO Coach (MCC), Chairperson, ICF Global Enterprise Board 2020) while the second session was held on Saturday May 09, 2020 Prasad Deshpande (MCC, Partner Herrmann International Asia, Partner at Thinking Dimensions Global, CEO and Partner at Empowered Learning LLP)



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