Design Thinking for Coaches

: TMTC, Mangaldas Rd, Pune, India Pune, Maharashtra, India

Dr. Rajiv Narvekar Practice Leader - Technology and Innovation Management Group Innovation Office - Tata Sons Pvt Ltd Rajiv Narvekar on LinkedIn Rajiv draws on his expertise in the areas of strategy, innovation, intellectual property, and R&D management to help Tata Companies drive best-in-class organizational performance. Why Design Thinking Evaluate how you can harness the […]

Diving deep into ICF Competencies

Vivek Yatnalkar PCC, Mentor Coach Head Curriculum – Meeraq OVERVIEW This session will give us one more opportunity to dive deep into a few competencies and appreciate the importance of them. We will select a few competencies and a few key words in those competencies to have discussion during the session. We will also discuss […]

Exploring Coaching through Neuroscience

Christoffel Sneijders PCC , Executive Coach and Clinical Supervisor AoCS 3 Brains Coach Certification Trainer His versatile knowledge in Hypnosis, NLP, Coaching, psychotherapy burnout, PTSD, anxiety, trauma grief help clients globally. He has worked this over 10,000 people in the past 33 years, and is the author of “How MEN & WOMEN FIT, finally understand […]

Impact of Coaching: Purpose & Prosperity

location Hotel Sheraton Grand, Pune, Maharashtra, India

ICF Pune Charter Chapter is thrilled to invite you to ICF India Coaching Conclave on the theme of Impact of Coaching: Purpose and Prosperity.   Designed for practitioners as well as clients of coaching, this event promises to be a unique gathering of like-minded professionals who share a passion for coaching, seeking to harness their […]